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About me

My name is Luisa Meneghini and I live in Italy.
I'm happily married and mother of five children.
I've been working in the translation industry for over twenty years and communicating has always been the area where I enjoy working.
I believe that good communication helps to feel good and to have transparent and human relations based on trust.
The languages that I studied at a professional level are English and German.
In these two languages, I pursued university and postgraduate studies.
While not a language that I know professionally, French remains in my cultural background and I like to refresh it from time to time for my personal enrichment.
I attended high school specializing in foreign languages in Veneto - Italy and the university of foreign languages in Padua. I graduated in English in 1991.
I passed a selection and could attend an annual course of specialization in translation and interpreting at the University of Verona. The course ended in 1993.
In 1993 I also qualified as a certified translator in English and German at the Court of Padua.
I constantly update my language skills by attending courses at private institutions (including the Goethe Institute of Padua) and webinars taught by industry professionals.
I am a " Certified Member" and a Featured Member of Traduguide, Gengo and Translatorsbase, four among the largest platforms for professional translators on the Web.
In 2015 I expanded my practice and decided to offer my services through a personal website.
My work and passion for communication still spurs me to look for more updating and new ways to support all that "helps connecting people".